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Serving in Nicargua

Updated: May 23, 2019

Amanda Sowards Humanitarian of the Year in Nicaragua

Today I stood on a dirt floor with no roof, held a metal ladle spoon to serve rice out of a bowl over an open flame beside a bar wire fence in 95+ degree weather. Why... Because this is what they call their kitchen. The smoke burns and stings your eyes to tears and the open flame makes the already intense heat feel like your skin is melting. This was extremely hard to get through for me, but for most Nicaraguans this is a daily occurrence. Talk about perspective. This is at one of World Missions Outreach 80 feeding programs.#WorldMissions provides 15,000 children a hot meal daily. That is 5.4 million meals a year! Check out to see how you can help be apart of the revolution and make a different.


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