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Hourglass Cosmetics & Influenster recognize that beauty isn't just skin deep.


They have teamed up to empower women around the world with the #GIRLFORGOOD campaign! 


They have innovated this with their new Lip Stylo collection. Each color has a meaning & tells a story.

When asked,

'What word describes you'

 I immediately identified with many words on the list.


Activist, peacemaker, innovator & believer to name a few.

The one that stood out to me most was 

•W A R R I O R• 

A warrior embodies all the qualities that I resonated with. A warrior is driven by passion, believes in their cause, has an undying love that's goal is to innovate peace. 

#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo warrior

Recognition not competition

#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo activist
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo activist
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo dreamer
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo seeker

What Word Best Describes you?

#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo creator
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo Influencer
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo protector
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo icon

Who doesn't love a lip color with a positive message of empowerment that makes you feel fierce & confident!

Check out Hourglass Cosmetics to see the colors & stylos to see what shade matches you & your personality best! 

#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo leader
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo explorer
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo lover
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo creator

Click Here to create your own image 

Then comment below & tell us what empowering word describes you best! 

#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo Believer
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo Innovator
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo futurist
#Girlforgood Hourglass stylo Visionary

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