Inner city (CBD)

What the heck does CBD stand for right? Melbourne’s inner city CBD stands for central business district. Now that is cleared up, what is there right? Well a little bit of everything. Like most developed cities it is arranged with a rectangular grid of streets, intersected with small and hidden laneways. The wider streets are criss-crossed with trams, while the alley ways are where you will find your hidden gems. As you venture you will find trendy pubs, tiny cafés, white table cloth restaurants, art exhibits, places to brunch outside and of course some shopping. There are endless places to ventue through the CBD. If you want the faster pase city vibe this is your place with in Melbourne. .

Where to go in Melbourne... What is your vibe?

Laneways and Arcades

I exchanged my US Dollars for AU Dollars at a bank around Finders Ln. They were super helpful and had a great exchange rate. The lanes that bisect the city all have their own unique vibe from Graffiti walls, to your high end big city let me put on my wing eye liner and you pick out some shoes to match my dress, to trendy let me where my hipster glasses kind of cafes & cuisine, to the typcal expected clubs and my music is better than yours dive bars built from, you guessed it, discarded furniture. Local designer boutiques and vintage stores are clustered along Centre Place, Flinders Lane and Degraves Street. Block Arcade and Royal Arcade offer spectacular examples of Melbourne's 1880s architecture, built at the height of the Victorian gold rush.

Melbourne, Australia

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