Melbourne, Victoria, Australia NSW

Melbourne, is known as Victoria’s coastal capital. The city as a whole has a relaxed vibe.  Everyone I met seemed to be very down to earth, friendly and had a southern sense of charm and hospitality.

The city is a mix of 19th-century buildings that gives off a hipster vibe, but as you venture through and see parts like Federation Square it brings a nice balance of modern architectural development. Melbourne had so much to offer; from plazas, pubs, restaurants, cultural events, parks, shopping, cafes, and plenty of outdoor places to venture, relax and sit.  

Overall, the city was inviting. Unlike New York City or DC, Melbourne left me with the impression that everyone wanted me to enjoy my visit. I never felt rushed or that my presence was an inconvenience for the locals. I could be as touristy as I wanted shamelessly -- Not that I would feel shame either way, I embrace the true tourist with-in. There was a sense of unspoken ease and calmness that I really enjoyed through out my time in Melbourne. It made this navigationally challenged tourist feel a little less annoyed when our first taxi driver decided to take advantage of the fact that we had no idea where we were going.

Due to our not so lovely taxi driver, it took us literally three days to get to the first restaurant that we were originally trying to get too - Hardware Societe.  Eventually we will get to Hardware, but first lets, Chin Chin!

After leaving the Melbourne airport, we took some type of public transportation to somewhere in Melbourne. If you read my last post (Click Here), then you might understand why this detail a little fuzzy.  What I do remember is that when someone get's you a round trip ticket... you keep it... Ops.


Here is a link to Melbourne's Public Transportation and prices from the airport. Click Here.


My experience was pleasant. The public transportation was clean, convenient and safe.  I say, check the map and go for it! It was cheaper and easier than getting taken for a long ride to the wrong location by taxi.

Uber over taxi in Melbourne! No questions asked. They were quick, easy, accommodating and didn't try and take us on a ride for our money.


Transportation Tips

Where to go in Melbourne... 

What is your vibe?

When I was going to Melbourne, my main question was about the different areas & neighborhoods that made up the city. I wanted to know more about the different vibes & attraction each part of Melbourne had to offer. I wanted to see everything from the CBD to the St. Kilda kite boarders. I have broken down the different places to visit in Melbourne. Click the links below to find out what area fits what your looking for.

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