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Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

Burberry recently launched their Liquid Lip Velvets. Influenster & Burberry sent me four complimentary products to test, try out & review. I received a highlighter, two liquid lip velvet colors and a lip defining pencil.


As you would expect,

they certainly live up to the hype.

I am a big proponent of feeling confident in your own skin and with what you put on your skin. I don't think you have to spend a ton of money on makeup to look beautiful, but sometimes you find those products that are worth splurging on!


The Burberry Lip Velvets

are worth the splurge! 

With the Burberry Lip Velvets you can confidently smile knowing your lips look beautiful with no fear of it feathered, looking dried out, caked, gooped, streaky or clownish. The velvet texture and matte finish not only looks great, but also feels great on. 

How He Asked in Nicaragua

Burberry Products

In Review

Liquid Lip Velvet - Fawn No. 05

Liquid Lip Velvet - Bright Plum No. 49

Lip Definer Pencil - Bright Plum No. 07

Fresh Glow Highlighting Pen -  Nude Radiance No. 01

Code Orange Elevation

I am the reigning Ms Earth Americas for 2017.

I had a recent photoshoot with one of my great friends & expert photographer, Jordan Chan. 

June 11th, I will be representing North, Central & South America as I compete with woman from all across the world for the title Ms Earth in Vegas!

This was the perfect occasion to show off my new Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets, defining liner & fresh glow highlighting pen.

I have on Liquid Lip Velvet Fawn No. 5, Lip Definer Pencil Bright Plum No. 07 & Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude Radiance No. 01.

Ms EarthAmericas

Amanda Sowards 

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet
Most lipsticks dry out my lips, but Burberry has perfected the ultimate velvety & luxurious lipstick solution. I'm wearing bright plum all over & a hint of fawn in the center of my lips to make them look fuller. Thank you @influenster + #Burberry for sending the products complimentary for testing. 
Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet &
Lip Definer Pencil
  • Goes on smooth & silky
  • Matte finish
  • Feels creamy & doesn't dry out lips
  • Very pigmented 
  • Workable color
  • Does not dry down to be smudge proof 
  • Stays velvety and creamy through out each application
  • Does not sit heavy in lip creases or chapped lips 
  • Does not Feather, streak or clump
  • Comes with pencil sharpener
The Bright Plum is perfect for a sultry night out or a burst of deep color to set a chic or edgy outfit. You can deepen the color with a heavier application and it still not look like a thick layer
The Fawn is your ultimate pigmented nude with a pop of color to keep it from looking sheer. It is perfect for every day, giving yourself a little color by the pool or date night.

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