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Best Mineral Primer

Joah Beauty Mineral Primer Review

Product Overview

Price: $12.50

Product Type: Mineral Primer

Purpose: Extends wear of makeup

Notable Results: Minimizes appearance of redness, large pores, and fine lines with a smooth finished look

Highlighted Ingredients:

Infused with Korean Camellia Oil, this lightweight, airy skin-perfecting primer creates a veil-like effect on the skin which “blurs” imperfections leaving smooth, flawless skin. Foundation will glide on and set makeup for long-lasting wear.

Joah Beauty Mineral Primer Review

Real Talks - Personal Feels and Opinion

I was pleasantly surprised by how silky smooth the primer feels and goes on! My skin can be very difficult and most primers do not follow through with their claims.

However, JOAH 's primer held its own against the high-end primers I also use. The silky texture provided a smooth base, allowing my foundation to go on with a true blur effect without setting heavy into my pores!

Throughout the day my foundation stayed in place and I didn't get that awful melting or smudged look. Also, my make up stayed fresh looking and never start to look caked or creased around my smile lines.

The only thing I did not love about the primer is the glass bottle. Yay for minimalizing plastic use; but at the same time, it is very challenging to use all of the product that is left at the bottom of the container. I hate the feeling of wasting product!

Best Mineral Primer Reviews Joah Beauty Blur Mineral Primer

Should You Buy it?

YES! - Blur Activator Mineral Primer gets an easy 5 stars in my favorite beauty products!

I felt confident and beautiful!

I love the finished look the primer gives me and I'm a huge fan! There are very few mineral primers that have the texture of JOAH's, especially at such an affordable cost. I'm very impressed and I will be adding this into my daily makeup routine!

Product Dupe For

I think that Blur Activator Mineral Primer is the closest dupe I have found for Hourglass Mineral Primer. (And that us saying a lot!)

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I receive this product complimentary to test and review, but all opinions are my own.


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