Best Place to Surf in Nicaragua? - Asunchillo

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I have been adventuring through Nicaragua for over 16 years. We own beach front property at several major surf breaks & can ensure your trip will be unforgettable.

Not everyone in your group surfs? I got them covered. We can take a boat out to feed the monkeys in Granada, Kayak through a dormant lagoon, zipline through a jungle canopy, shop at the local market, get smoothies at the port, go volcano surfing or hang by the cabana after a day at the spa. 

Surf, adventure and give back by visiting one of our 3 schools or 70 feeding programs across the country.


Whatever it is, we have your dream trip covered! 

For a surfer, it is often that we look at Nicaragua with a very whimsical attitude. It is a place that you can count on offshore winds to groom pacific swells nearly 300 days of the year. It is a place that feels like a modern day Jurassic Park, full of undulating coastlines with dry reefs, points, and sandy beaches. The fishing and diving are nearly untouched and you can still find those picturesque, magazine worthy lineups well, that is if you play your cards just right.  


Surfer Magazine spent a lot of time covering the southern region in 2004 and 2005, which has lead to very heavy crowds in the south. As a surfer, I think we all tend to enjoy breaks that feel a little more remote but still feel safe.

After finding Asunchillo here in Gran Pacific I knew I found my happy place. With the proper swell and swell direction the beach break at low will produce a perfect A-Framing lineup with multiple tubing sections if you are fast enough. As the tide fills in, the wave gets a lot more mellow and slows down quite a bit creating a perfect playground for those who like to ride logs or for some of you who may want to take surf lessons. 

The beach break is nearly 2 miles long and could hold a crowd of 200 people if needed. What’s nice about Asunchillo is that due to the gate, fees and the long entry road the crowd never really finds it. Sure if your staying with 20 others in a hostile in Popoyo and you want to get away from the crowd and chase down a few waves at Ausunchillo you will probably shy away due to the $35 gate fee.. But for those in GP the perfect uncrowded lineup is pretty nice.

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