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New Orleans, Louisiana

Where to stay -  Airbnb Review

New Orleans Airbnb
New Orleans Airbnb

I have used Airbnb a handful of times now. None of the places I have stayed at have blown me away, but they always make me feel more like a local than a tourist staying at a resort.

Jen & Montie are awesome host.

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Their home is located in the heart of the historic Garden District and only 2.1 miles from the French Quarter. The house is 2-stories, with a private gated court yard, enclosed backyard, brick-exposed interior, hardwood floors, loaded with a full bar, snacks, jacuzzi bath, and has a fireplace!

Hard Facts & Details

-Safe area & very nice host - not sketchy at all

-Accommodates 4 guest

-1 private bedroom with one bed

-Additional Queen size air mattress if needed

-2 Bathrooms - Both upstairs and downstairs
-Jacuzzi tub
-Living room with leather couch and loveseat
-Bar access (BYOB or replace what you use)
-Kitchen with plenty of snacks
-Front courtyard with rocking chairs
-BBQ deck in backyard with patio furniture
-2 bikes available to explore the city

-No smoking.
-No pets.
-21 years and older only

-Free Parking - on street

-Check out 2PM

-Full Kitchen, TV & Internet

-Washer & Dryer

-Iron & hair dryer available

What you want to know - The Basics

Parking & locating the house - You will need to parallel park on the street. It is a duplex and the numbers on the house are a little hard to see from the road. It is the door on the right side. You have to walk through an iron gate and small fenced courtyard to enter the property. The streets have a lot of cars, but we did not have to much trouble finding a spot. We parked where our gps took us, got out and it was easy to locate on foot. Key tip* Just remember to look at the door on the right's numbers!


Your Safety net awaits - The Book- New places are exciting, but can be overwhelming. I mean, where do you go, what's the best places to see, where's the best food, how do you get to those places, what's safe and what's not. No Worries, Jen has you covered. Upon arrival, you will see a couple of binders on the table. This book has everything you ever wanted to know and everything that you didn't even know you wanted to know. Each room has a page to give you complete comfort about feeling at home. There is endless info listed on the neighborhood, transportation, food, safety, price points and so much more! This allows you to take some of the unknown, nervousness or anxiety away when using an Airbnb. Really awesome stuff Jen!

Helpful Hints for Arrival

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New Orleans Airbnb

Why pick this Airbnb?

There are a ton of Airbnb's in New Orleans… so why this one? Here are my top reasons. First off, safety is always my primary concern. This house is in one of the safer neighborhoods in New Orleans. Next, I have sever sinus and allergy issues. The fact that this house is very open & has hardwood floors is perfect for me. The Jacuzzi tub is a big win! What better way to vacation and relax. They also had some exellent artwork to enjoy. The spiral staircase made me nostalgic of my childhood home. Climbing up them became a mini adventure for me. When I was kid, we made tree house forts and played capture the flag all around a spiral staircase. Another thing is, I hate going into anywhere and feeling uneasy or unsure of what to do. For example, when you walk into a restaurant and you don't know if you should seat yourself, wait on a server and at the end do you take my own dishes back? Those uneasy feelings are the worst. Everyone gets awkward. There is a lot of hand fidgeting, looking around, hair touching… it ruins the experience, right? My favorite part of this airbnb was the host. They eliminated all of those anxious unsure feelings from the get go. The info book broke down everything into easy and understandable clarity. Montie & Jen are a delight. They are full of easy going hospitality. They are aslo very well versed when it comes to where to go, what to do and what is fun. This made our stay incredibly stress free & enjoyable. Those type of experiences are what make Airbnb so special & different from your typical same old resort stay.

New Orleans Airbnb
New Orleans mask
New Orleans Airbnb
New Orleans Airbnb
New Orleans Airbnb
New Orleans Airbnb
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