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What's the Deal with Passport Confessional + the Boutique

At Passport Confessional Boutique you can find affordable fashion for any occasion!


We are an online boutique that sells new and like new clothing, shoes and accessories.


Whether you are going to the gym or walking the red carpet, we love helping you find what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Passport Confessional

Bonus: 10% of every purchase goes to World Missions Outreach

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The Why

I am the missions director for World Missions Outreach (WMOC.ORG), a NGO non-profit organization that my family started over 30 years ago.


WMO is 100% volunteer based and no one takes a salary, allowing every donation to go to its intended purpose.


Basically, this means I work for free!

Reality is, you can't survive working for free... So I combined my over a decades worth of experience within pageantry, fashion, prom, homecoming, dance, competitions, galas, weddings, and balls and started re-selling my own dresses.


My quick way to make some cash and clear out my closet, became way more successful than I ever imagined. I even had people I had never met contacting me to find other dresses for them.

I realized that I loved helping people find their dream dress! At the same time, It also opened doors for me to help other woman feel confident in their own skin; with or without a sparkly dress. 


Thus, became the birth of Passport Confessional Boutique! PBC has allowed me to continue working full time for World Missions Outreach while also earning a living doing something I love! I have the ability to focus and travel with the ministry, while keeping food on my own table!










Amanda Sowards Blogger

Request an Appointment 

Right now we are only online.

However, you can set up an appointment to try on dresses.

Thanks! We will be in contact to find your dream dress soon!.

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