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Gran Pacifica Nicaragua

My favorite place to go in Nicaragua is Gran Pacifica. 

I have been traveling to Nicaragua for 16 years, and hands down, nothing compares to this perfect little slice of heaven on earth! 


Carretera Vieja Leon, KM 49, 11 KM West
San Diego, Villa El Carmen, Managua 

It is 3.5 miles of jaw dropping Pacific coast and it's about an hour and half away from Managua's airport. 



Gran Pacifica Beach is technically a Golf Resort in Nicaragua. The golfing may be it's novelty, but the scenic view steals the show. 


What's the Vibe?
The grounds, houses & condo's are Spanish Colonial.

Simply put, it's what I like to refer to as Paradice. 


Is this a party scene?

No. You can bring the party with you, but if you are looking for a crazy nightlife scene than this is not the place for you. 

Will the kids like it?

I don't have kids, but do your kids like paradise?

Then, no.. They will love it!

There is a pool, the beach & pizza.

Where will we stay?

You have options. If you want more privacy or have a larger group then you may want to consider renting a house. They also have one - three bedroom condos with a full kitchen.

How Much will it Cost?

Condo - $149-300 per night

House - $100 and up per night

Can I go even if I am not staying overnight?

Yes, There is a $15 entrance fee per person. 

What is there to do?

Walk on the beach, lay out by the pool, play golf, surf, ride horses, get a massage, fish, dine out by the coast, lay in a hammock or enjoy a mimosa.


Is it safe? 

Besides the embassy, this might be the safest place you could be in Nicaragua.

They have a gated entrance & over 20 guards patrolling the property 24/7.

I still wouldn't leave your doors open or your valuables just anywhere.

Use common sense.

Gran Pacifica Nicaragua
Gran Pacifica Nicaragua

What if I never want to leave?

It's cool, I get like this too! Nathan has to force me to get in the car when it's time to go home. I pout all the way to the house. The good thing is that you actually never have to leave! Gran Pacifica has condos, houses and property for sale. If you decide to stay, one day we might be your neighbors! 

Do they host special events?

Funny you should ask...Why, yes! We are getting married here!

Bonus Points?

-One of the only golf communities in Nicaragua.

-They actively give back to the community

-They have started going green by implementing solar energy. 

-Did I mention it is Paradise?


My Channel

My Channel

Gran Pacifica Nicaragua Resort

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