Vida Del Mar 

From Managua - Take the old Leon Highway roughly 30 km to Los Cedros. Make the left at the "Y" toward Montelimar and Masachapa (onto cobblestone road). Half way between Los Cedros and Masachapa, at Km 49 (exactly at the village of California) turn off the cobblestone road and travel West 11 Km to the beach at Milagro del Mar Resort.

Vida Del Mar is sometimes also called San Diego Beach, Nicaragua. If you are looking for a great nightlife spot, Vida Del Mar is not for you. If you want a safe place where no one will bother you so you can enjoy some natural scenic beauty, Vida Del Mar is for you!

I am not a surfer, but apparently this area is a surfers haven. I have heard a lot about… the winds being right, getting barreled, watching out for the reefs and that this place is the perfect surf secret. - So secrets out... there's that.

I like exploring and adventuring. This beach is perfect for that! You aren't going to find tourist lined up baking under the sun, be cat called by some pubescent teens or have to deal with loud crowds.

When you are on Vida Del Mar, time seems to stop. Everything is peaceful, beautiful and calm enough that you can hear the symphony of nature. Everything - the roar of the waves, the parrots singing, the trees flapping and the sound of water drops diving into the sand all seem to flow together in harmony.

There is endless beach to walk, birds to spot, cactus to admire, shells to find, rocks to rest or take selfies on and water to play in.


How to get there

Carretera Vieja Leon, KM 49, 11 KM West

San Diego, Villa El Carmen, Managua

What makes it unique?

1. Dark volcano lava sand
2. Great Surf
3. Preserved Natural Habitat for wildlife spotting
4. Safe, but no life gaurd
5. Lots to explore and adventure through
6. Cactus!


I have been to a lot of beaches, but I have never seen cactus grow on a coastal shore line, just feet away from the water. It is extremely interesting to me that it grows in such a tropical area. When I think cactus, I think desert. Well…. not anymore. Now I am just confused and spent entirely to much time researching cacti. I won't bore you with all that, but I did have a cactus once... it died.

Where to stay?

Gran Pacifica Resort

Gran Pacifica is a gated community that offers house rentals and resort style condos.

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