Plan a Mission Trip to Nicaragua 

Plan a Mission Trip to Nicaragua

World Missions Outreach provides you with a unique opportunity to build relationships with the people of Nicaragua. You will be able to travel across the country and truly make a difference with your own two hands.

World Missions Outreach doesn't just provide a hand out, but a hand up!

WMO is revolutionizing the way you look at charity, missions & giving.


We are just as over the Sarah McLachlan, sad, shock factor, depressing images that have been used & abused to guilt you into giving. 


This method has desensitized the concept of real poverty & adversities. Are they real? Yes. Do we work in those areas? Of course; but the abuse of charity & the glamorization of poverty to guilt you into giving is not what we are about. 

We want you to feel excited to help. We want you to be a part of ending the generational cycle of poverty, not just enabling it. We want you to see the change! 

Have you ever watched one of those commercials and then 3 years later - it's the same commercial. No change? Why would you keep giving your money, time and effort into something that seems to produce no results? At WMO we will never try to sell you a sob story. Yes, there are plenty of cases that would rip your heart out; but we will never exploit those stories in a glamorized way to enhance our platform.


Instead, we want to show you our success. We want to show you what your time, effort & donations actually amount up to.

About World Missions Outreach

How to Plan your Trip! 

Plan a Mission Trip to Nicaragua
Plan a Mission Trip to Nicaragua
Plan a Mission Trip to Nicaragua
Plan a Mission Trip to Nicaragua
Plan a Mission Trip to Nicaragua

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