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What is it?

Milk Make Up Cosmetics has released a new foundation, Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Blur is all about that airbrush glow! It targets blurring pores and fine lines to providing weightless full coverage.  Designed to work well with the Dab + Blend Gel applicator. 


What makes it unique?

It’s vegan, oil-free, and silicone-free.

It features airless, no-drip packaging to minimize air exposure and eliminate spills — allowing your foundation to stay fresh and the color stay true. Cruelty-free.

What you need to know?

First, shake the tube to activate blurring microsphere technology. Buildable coverage. It comes in 16 different shade for all 

Price Point?

Foundation: $40 USD

Dab + Blend Applicator: $14

You can purchase the foundation at Sephora or online At Milk Make Up

Click here to Purchase at Milk Make Up

Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Milk Make Up Blur Liquid Matte Foundation 

Milk Make Up Blur Review 

My skin has always been a self-conscious issue for me. As Ms Earth Americas, I am frequently in front of a camera or making appearances at scheduled events. It is the worst feeling when my skin acts up! It leaves me feeling helpless and paranoid about people looking at skin.


 I am religious with my skin care, but it seems to be mission impossible to keep my skin texture under control, breakouts from happening, my huge pores from showing, and toning down the redness that I naturally always have.


Having the right foundation is key to feeling like I am showing up as the best version of myself - imperfections and all!


Milk Make Up's Blur Liquid Matte Foundation has been my new go to for on and off the red carpet. I love how it gives me great coverage, but doesn't look caky. It stay's put, long lasting and doesn't make me shiny! It really gives my skin an even textured look and helps hide my huge pores and redness!

Miss Earth United States
Givenchy Noir I

Should You Purchase?


Milk Make Up Blur Matte Foundation:

I Love the product, the finished look it gives me without looking like I'm plastic. I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with the skin and foundation issues like I do! 

Verdict: Huge win!

Splurge Worthy: Absolutely! 


DaB + Blend Applicator 

I like how this applicator does not waste your foundation by so much of it getting smacked up by your blender. It is easy to clean & keeps away germs or bacteria. It does't give me the beauty blender smoothness I am used too.   

Verdict: Inivative

Splurge Worthy: It is not my favorite applicator, but I do think it is worth the buy. It is worth the splurge because you will save money by not wasting as much foundation. I still recommend a beauty blender just to lightly blend after you apply to give you that blur!

I received these MilkMake Up products complimentary for review purposes.
All opinions are my own. 

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