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Spectrum News Everyday Hero

This week I was featured as one of Spectrum Network's Featured Everyday Hero.

When I was contacted about doing the feature, I was flattered, honored & excited about the opportunity to highlight World Missions Outreach!

After the excitement settled I started to think about what I actually just agreed to do....

"I agreed to be called a Hero... Wait, back up... Hero?

Did she just said Hero?

Yes, yes she did.

--I am just me and 'me' is not a hero.--

I mean, I can adult pretty strong some days. Then other days, I have spilled coffee on my white shirt, lost my phone a good 4 times, locked my keys in my car to find out that I actually didn't - they were just in the bottom of my purse, put red socks in my load of white laundry, spilled my coffee again - this time I broke the cup and cut myself while trying to clean it up,. And that's all before 9am.


Hero's don't do that. They are too busy doing hero-ish things, right? Like running into burning houses or taken bullets for our country."

Needless to say, I started overthinking and worrying about having to live up to a word that I was not comfortable having to 'own'. I did not want to pretend that I am something I am not... talk about feeling some pressure.

What is 

  a Hero?

Spectrum Everyday Hero
United States Ambassador to Nicaragua

This brought me to dig deeper into what is a hero?

My favorite definition comes from Phillip Zimbardo. Phillip conducted scientific research into what makes a hero. His work was published in, The Greater Good Magazine.  - Click to read  (after you finish reading this).

Through his research, Phillip describes Hero like this...


"Heroes are most effective not alone but in a network. It’s through forming a network that people have the resources to bring their heroic impulses to life.

Every one of us can be a hero. Through my work on heroism, I’ve become even more convinced that acts of heroism don’t just arrive from truly exceptional people but from people placed in the right circumstance, given the necessary tools to transform compassion into heroic action."

I love this!

What is a Hero

Everyone that supports World Missions Outreach serves as a "network" of heroes. None of What World Missions Outreach does could be possible without the many volunteers who dedicate their heart and soul into continuing on the everyday operations.

We all have the potential to be heroes, but not all of us rise up to the call.

For me, a Hero is this...

"Anyone who lives up to their God given potential despite adversity, and is steadfast in their pursuit to leave the world better than they found it."

-Amanda Sowards

How do you arise to the occasion of being a hero?

Leave a comment below and tell us your story!

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