Barceló Montelimar 


I typically am the type of person that likes culture, adventure and winging it when it comes to traveling; but if you are looking for an all inclusive safe resort then Barcelo' at Montelimar Beach is for you.


They have a massive set up of interior style accommodations to private cabana cottages to stay in. 


Everything is centrally located and right on the beach. They have 3 pools, one of which they claim to be the largest in Central America.


They also have 2 tennis courts, table tennis, giant Chess, mini-golf, volleyball and beach volleyball, basketball, softball. football, soccer and a petting zoo

You can also go horse back riding, rent surf boards or boogie boards. Don't know how to surf? They have classes for that!


They have a nightclub, casino, family show entertainment and pool side games and productions. 


You can also rent bikes, join yoga class on the beach, get a massage, spend the day at the spa or hit the gym. 


You need it, they basically have it! Even day care for your kids.  


They have a buffet style dinning area. The food was just ok for me. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. It is more of a cultural buffet with native dishes. The seafood gumbo was on point though! 


The poolside cabana has snacks and drinks. Very Americanized food options here. Burgers, fries, hotdogs and popcorn, 


The internet is basically the most expensive internet in the world. $12 per day. It is only available in some areas on the resort and it's a weak signal. I was disappointed in the overcharge and under delivery. 


The overall rooms and grounds are very well kept and meet all expectations. You will see a lot of security walking around with riffles of some sort. Don't be alarmed. That's very standard for anywhere around here. Trust me, you want them there! Overall, The staff is great and very accommodating! 


Bercelo' offers all inclusive day passes ranging from $45-$60 US dollars, depending on the capacity and season. 


Overnight stays also vary seasonally and are always changing. If the website say's they are booked, don't go by that, it is not reliable. Give them a call and typically they will find a way to accommodate you. 







Since Resorts aren't really my thing, I spent most of my time adventuring on the beach! They have tons of cabanas and chairs for you to use as you please. There are life guards and security officers that monitor the beach for your safety. 


Out on the beach there is a large rock cliff that overlooks the water. A lot of the surfers hang out on top to watch the waves and other surfers. So, of course, we had to climb to the very top and get to see the amazing view, feel the water in the breeze and smell the beach air! It is a hike for sure. There are sea critters all around, so be careful! The security guard stood watch to make sure us gringa's didn't hurt ourselves.

I grew up dancing, and to be honest, I was always to clumsy and never graceful enough to be a ballerina. Now I use God's incredible background of nature and its beauty as my stage. Everywhere I go you will see me owning the clumsy girl arabesque! 



The Sunsets here are to die for! Every shade of magnificent can be seen! It truly is incredible to see so many colors collide as the sun is chased away by the sand man. Check out my album below to see more pictures of Barcelo', the surfers, the beach, the resort, me trying to be a ballerina and everything else in between!



Click on the images to see them enlarged.


As I travel though Central America I like to consider myself an adventurer, not a tourist. Once you venture outside of the tourist walls, you will see that their culture often is very conservative and most of them swim with their every day clothing on. I always wear a one piece swimsuit here because I don't want to draw attention to myself or feel un comfortable. I like to explore without having to worry about drawing any unwanted attention my way & respect the culture. 



Click on the images to see them. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think & if there is any more insight I can give you before your travels! 


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