Horseback Riding at Gran Pacifica, Nicaragua 


Gran Pacifica offers horse back riding for individuals or groups. You can ride on the beach or on a scenic trail through the property. 

How Much?

For only $15USD Per Person! I would also throw in 5 bucks for a tip!


How Long?

This is a great price for an hour trail ride with a tour guide. 

Is their a tour guide?

Our guides were fantastic! My horse, who I named 'Snow', didn't want to go through the water, but our guide was right by my side to help keep Snow on track! 

Can we go really, really fast?

You can go at your own pace. Nathan galloped circles around me while I enjoyed a nice scenic walk along the coast! 

What else should I know?

These horses are ready for an adventure.

If you have never been on a horse, I would recommend that this not be your first time to try riding. If you have any experience riding, you will love it! 

What if I am the only one in my group that doesn't want to ride?

That's ok! There is a restaurant, golf, pool, cabaña, beach & a hammock waiting for you!

Horse Back Riding

in Nicaragua

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