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Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara

What is it?

Givenchy has released a new mascara called Noir Interdit. A deep black mascara that creates a lash extension effect & buildable volume.


What makes it unique?

The wand has an innovative 90° bendable brush. Lashes are deeply reached from the root up to build length and fullness.

Price Point?

You can purchase the mascara at a number of stores for $29

Click here to Purchase at Sephora

How He Asked in Nicaragua

Noir Interdit mascara Review

The Brush + Bendable Wand

The question you all have...

"Does the bendable wand make a difference?"

First, Lets talk about the Brush

The Brush is easy to use and reaches every lash. It has a ton of tiny bristles. The 'bristles' are not really bristles. They are a harder material that doesn't move when applying on your lashes. The brush gives me more control.


This style of brush ensures that no lash goes uncoated! I prefer this type of mascara brush over all others!

How He Asked in Nicaragua
How He Asked in Nicaragua

The Bendable Wand

If I could only pick one item of make up to wear, it would always be mascara. I take my mascara choices very seriously! 


As someone who has scavenged every beauty eye for the best of the best when it comes to mascara, I have realized there are not a whole lot of mascara application options out there in terms of the physical wand. This makes me appreciate Givenchy's launch of a bendable wand.


 Do I think that the bendable wand makes that much of a difference?

For me, No. 

I don't think the bendable wand makes much of a difference in application, but I won't discredit its abilities completely. I do think that It may reach the bottom lashes a little easier and faster than a normal wand can. 

Givenchy Noir I

Should You Purchase?

The Mascara Product


Givenchy always delivers!

The mascara itself is top shelf. 


The esthetics alone are enough to make you swoon. The mascara is fabulous.


It gives you extended and full lashes without being clumpy or to harsh. Plus, No mascara flakes under your eye through out the day!

The mascara doesn't dissipate through out the day. It looks just as good when you get home as it did when you left the house. 

If you are looking for a high-end mascara,the Noir Interdit should be your next go to. I wouldn't buy it for the bendable wand, but I would buy it because the quality and results are perfection! 

I received Givenchy complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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