Every year, World Missions Outreach partners with the US Military to have part of our yearly supplies of food delivered. 


This year we were very excited to have the US Ambassador to Nicaragua join our partnership as well. 


This is the 1st of two shipments of food that the US Air Force will be delivering this week in Nicaragua. 

This shipment of food helps provide 15,000 meals every day & 5.4 million meals a year. 

Partnering with the US Ambassador to Nicaragua

We want to honor our US Military and those that serve in the Air Force, Army, Amy Reserve & Navy. 

We appreciate your service and generosity to help us at World Missions Outreach help others! 

Together we are able to end childhood hunger and combat the generational cycle of poverty.


Thank you for being there heroes to the faces you will never see and the voices you will never hear. Just know, because of you children all across the world are able to go to bed without hunger pains in their stomach.  

World Missions Outreach is a family run & 100% non-profit. 
Donna & Laura, The US Ambassador to Nicaragua.

Photos From the Day 

US Air Force, Army, Army Reserves & Navy Officers

5.4 Million Meals a Year & 15,000 Meals a Day

Day 2-Part of the second US Air Force Team from the 315th AirWing in Charleston, SC that brought in the remaining pallets of our shipment! 

315th Airlift Wing

Charleston, SC

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