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Footscray, Victoria, Australia

Passport and Ticket to Australia
On the plane to Australia
I'm a southern Carolina Girl, so for me traveling to Australia consisted of time hoping to the other side of the world.

I flew 5 hours from Charlotte to LAX. California is three hours behind North Carolina. I hopped a plane and flew 15 hours from LAX to Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is 16 hours ahead in time than North Carolina and California is 19 hours behind Melbourne. Do you feel like you are about to have to pick C because this SAT question just got real out of hand? -- I had this feeling most of my trip. Add in driving on the opposite side of the road - my brain was cooked!

On the way back to the US my plane was delayed several hours. Simply trying to figure out if I was going to make my connecting flight with all the different time zones got real complicated, real quick. None the less, I did what I always do, stopped caring, just winged it and somehow got home eventually.
I have come to accept that when you travel TSA is going to yell at you, make you feel uncomfortable, and take forever; ticket agents can be your best friend or worst nightmare, so it's better to be nice no matter how bad you want to strangle them; everyone has to take their shoes off... we are all in this together yall; its inevitable that one day your luggage is going to be lost - keep cool they will find it and even bring it to your door; and if the plane is having technical issues - heavens, by all means, lets take as long as you need to get that ish fixed right because I am not trying to figure out how that life vest somewhere under my seat works today! Just going with it is part of the journey and makes the stress of traveling a little bit easier for me - that and lots of sleeping pills.
Which brings us to the start of my trip in Australia....
Melbourne Australia Airport
I have never flown for 15 hours straight on one plane. Time Traveling (into what is tomorrow there) was a 30 hour journey one-way just to get to Australia.

I was a bit nervous about how I was going to handle this very long period of time having to sit still. I can't even sit through a whole movie without getting a bit bored. I am a bit of a restless one.

When my plane landed in Melbourne I had taken... we will just say a few to many sleeping pills.... I was so happy to be off the plane, but I was still in an out of body kind of dream-like state of mind. Some might even say I looked a little bit like a lost crack addict.

What Can I say... I got nervous, caught the case of over excitement, and in return, that escalated into being geeked out till all the sleeping meds wore off. Ops. Hashtag sorry not sorry.  Well unless your names Dave the Aussie, then yes... I actually am a bit sorry. Love you Dave.

Meet Dave - The Aussie

Sydney Public Wifi
Dave is my Aussie mate! He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met; plus he isn't to shabby to look at, right!
-- Side note: Ladies, Dave is a keeper... If you meet Dave, don't let this one get away (if there was a best wing woman emoji I would insert it here!)

Dave and his family were my host through out my stay in Australia. Heavens, I couldn't of asked for a better family to call my own down under. Simply the best!

My plane got in to Melbourne about 30 minutes before Daves did. I decided I should sit my walking dead geeked out zombie self in the corner untill Dave got in.

I'll spare you the details; but after walking around in circles for about 30 minutes, Dave trying to explain that I really was a real person, this wasn't a dream and slowly dying and coming back to life from the heat shock; I finally snapped out of it and found Dave.

So... yea... Sorry about that Dave. Lesson learned, take it from me - Less is more in this case.

I will tell you all about Dave, his Zack Morris pay phone and his lovely family all in due time.

First, let's talk about Footscay.

Docklands Cotton Mills Footscray melbourne australia
I got to Australia on December 31st, just in time to celebrate New Years down under.

Dave coordinated renting this Airbnb warehouse for about 30 of us to bring in the new year without all the hassle and chaos of being out in the city.

Docklands Cotton Mills is in Footscray. Footscray is about 10 minutes by uber from Melbourne's CBD. You can also take the train and get there in about 15 minutes. Take Sydenham or Werribee lines from Flinders Street or Southern Cross stations to Footscray station.
Melbourne Australia Airbnb
Footscray is a suburb 5 km west of Melbourne, Australia. It is known to be the ever-changing neighborhood that's a balance of a growing arts scene and a hotbed of international cultures and delicious cuisines.

I'll be honest, we didn't venture too much in Footscray. From what I saw, I would describe it as an arts district slash developing area.

The Dockland Mills is where we spent our time. The Mill has been turned into a creative hub that is now a home to permanent and transient artist communities and workshops. You will find an antique shop, bakery, gym and a few other places to stop in at.
The Airbnb warehouse that they turned into a flat would best be described as an eccentric hippie house, slash modern artist, slash I found all these things and now I'm going to toss them around my house and call it super trendy kind of loft.

We got an Uber to the mills. The owner was not there yet, but our driver was kind enough to give us water bottles and wait with us so we didn't melt in the heat. They aren't kidding when they say Australia is hot! Honey, that is by far an understatement.

Thirty minutes late (and yes I mean late), the owner finally arrived to tell us the key was under a rock.... we weren't amused. He was a very interesting fellow to say the least. He insisted we meet the neighbors, told us about his kid in the hospital (that actually was sad), asked us to not mention that he was there if we talked to his wife and then burned some grass in the parking lot before he bounced out.

Jamina, Olga and I took a moment to let our heads stop spinning by the crazy whirlwind that we just witnessed and then proceeded to get ready for the New Years party.

My only complaint was that their was no AC. Holy moly, it was hot! I soon realized that most places in Australia don't use AC. It cost a ton in electricity bills, so they just don't use it.

The space was plenty big enough. The place was a loft, but they did their best to shape-shift it into rooms.
Melbourne Australia Airbnb
Melbourne Australia Airbnb
Melbourne Australia Airbnb
Melbourne Australia Airbnb
Melbourne Australia New Years Eve
Melbourne Australia New Years Eve
Nessie, Fifi & I had the most rewarding time playing dress up & photoshoot with all their.... treasures.
Overal, our New Years down under shananagans in Footscray was a success! Well untill about 12:05; then the jet lag and the fact I had been up traveling for over 48 hours kicked in.... I crashed!
I still had the most lovely time celebrating the beginning of 2016, meeting new mates, sharing endless laughs and making new memories....
Evey bit of it was worth it!
Melbourne Australia New Years Eve
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