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How to Find Your Person |Forever Friendships

Hear me when I say, I’m not going into ‘hyper-spiritual’ Christian-ese rhetoric. This post is real talks about real people. I own no pedestal and I'm not trying to find one to stand on.

“We are in this together”.  


I always wanted to be Miss America. It was my dream since, well... forever. For the longest time I never understood why I would have such a passion to achieve this dream, but not be able to obtain it. I used to talk to God about how I would use the opportunity to share His name, His word, and to honor His kingdom. Yet... the opportunities came + went. 

I never really questioned God on this. I guess I just accepted that God must have a better plan than the one I had. Yeah, it sucked to have a dream never be a reality, but that’s life. 

We are in this together

As years have passed I have now been able to understand why my journey brought me through pageantry. See, little did I know then that plan and dream I once had was really just to bring some of the most influential and lifelong friends into my life. For that, I am so fortunate to have! 

These friendship are worth more than any title.

Mission Trip to Nicaragua

On the top of that list is Lindsay.

You may have heard us say it before, but she is 'my person'. Not in a... we are bffs & we are making our friendship into a super T-Swift Badblood girl gang type of “thing”. 


No, This type of friendship is so much bigger than the typical circumstances of we just have fun + it’s convenient. 


I truly believe that the bigger picture is something God has crafted for us as an intentional blessing.


With that being said,

This type of friendship and blessing is equally a huge responsibility where there is no room for slacking or taking it for granted.

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:48)”

We live in different countries and go long periods of time without being in the same place together; but that has only strengthened and developed our friendship. 


Transparently, I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. Yes, I would survive... but would I be thriving?


Without the blessing God has given me of having Lindsay, ‘my person’, I don’t think I would be able to thrive in the capacity I am. 


Especially in the days when I doubted myself. I doubted my strength, my purpose, my calling, my sanity, and even my ability to lead. 

Mission Trip to Nicaragua Amanda Sowards

She challenged me to find grace in everything, to never give up, never be ashamed of real life, to be able to acknowledging the lows without feeling the need of explaining that I’m human, embracing that I don’t have to live under the unrealistic pressure of being something im not, to be vulnerable when life is hard, be real and raw when it’s necessary, and to own who I am and where I am in life with no apologies for living without a ‘how to do life instruction manual’. 


We have been given much, and God desires us to use what He has given to further His Kingdom. It’s what we were created to do.


 “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” (Matthew 16:24–25). We are living sacrifices (Romans 12:1), giving the things God has given us in service to others, and in that we actually find life. God, the giver of all good things (James 1:17), gives us everything we need to fulfill His will. “Freely you have received; freely give” (Matthew 10:8).

Surf Trip to Nicaragua
Girls trip to Nicaragua

My journey was never meant to include being Miss America, but it was necessary to find my people to do life in Ministry with. 

And who knows... I mean I do still have one more year to become Miss United States!


I truly believe that God has His hand in the mix of our friendship. It is not just to be besties (that is the best added bonus!), but it is to do the impossible things together, in His name. 


I’m so beyond thankful for a friend like Lindsay.

I thank God every day that he loved me and entrusted me enough to let me have such a kind, fearless, and wonderfully made soul to call my best friend! 

My advice:

  1. Pray for wisdom that God will guide your friendships intentionally.

  2. If it’s unhealthy, let it go.

  3. When it is worth it, fight for it.

  4. You are never in competition. Unless it's skip-bo!

  5. Never forget how to say "I'm Sorry".

  6. When your person is down, you do whatever it takes to get them back up!

  7. Be ok with being vulnerable

  8. It is ok to cry - or Not.

  9. There are no excuses needed for being human

  10. You are each others biggest fan girls!

  11. You keep your secrets. You keep your word.

  12. Be willing to always drop everything, drive 17 hours, hop on a couple planes and take an Uber to cut anyone who makes her cry... just saying, I will cut you.

  13. When they find the man that makes them the most beautiful bride; you make sure he is good enough and then you accept him as your family too.

  14. Never make her feel bad for the things she loves.

  15. Love them unconditionally: not for who you want them to be, but for exactly who they are!

Bonus: If your person is living in Canada, always tell everyone they live in an igloo and run around bumping into one another saying, "I'm sorry, A-boot That".

Best Friends in New York Selfie
Best Friends in Toronto

-Most Importantly-

When you find your Lindsay, be ready to step up to the plate.

This friendship is forever.

With great reward, comes great responsibility! 

I have a Taylor, Cassie and a Jessica too!

They all are this type of caliber of women. Each of them play a different, but equally significant, "My Person" rolls in my life!

I have no idea what I would do without each of them! Aw... All the feels!

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