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National Dress Day Recap

National Dress Day Amanda Sowards
National Dress Day

This week we celebrated #NationalDressDay. As a woman, I love embracing my femininity. As a woman, I also know what it feels like to have insecurities, to fall into the trap of being manipulated by commercialized media, and the feeling of entering a room silently freaking out inside while thinking that my dress isn't good enough.

It is moments like this one with Maria, that has grounded me with the understanding that, as a woman, none of that even matters. Just like Maria, you are beautiful, important, talented, strong, brave, fearless, and worthy. It doesn't matter what your dress looks like or how it compares to others. You are the only you, and YOU are priceless. Don't let the weight of comparison rob you of your joy, the pressure of society define you, or the dress you wear label you. •

Own your femininity, celebrate the women around you, and most importantly, love yourself! You are enough and yes girl, your dress is perfect the way it is...just like you!

Happy National Dress Day



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