World NGO Day

Amanda Sowards - Humanitarian of the Year

Today is World NGO Day! I have the privilege of being the VP for World Missions Outreach, an international NGO non-profit ministry that my family started 30 years ago. We are honored to be selected as the Best Non-Profit for 2018 by The Global Beauty and Arts Awards and I’m humbled to be named Art & Beauty Magazine Humanitarian of the Year for 2018.

World Missions Outreach provides a hand up, not just a hand out by focusing on ending the generational cycle of poverty through education and nutrition. We serve 15,000 meals a day, 5.4 million meals a year, and over 96.4 million meals in total!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through our hearts mission. Celebrate World NGO day by clicking the links below to get connected and join the team!

•Together we are changing the future. •

About World Missions Outreach - Click Here

Join a Mission Team - Click Here

Become a Volunteer - Click Here

Partner with students and our three schools - Click Here

Kids Dollar Store - Click Here

Give a Meal - Click Here

Make a Donation - Click Here

WMO Videos - Click Here

WMO Photos - Click Here

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