Finding Your Purpose In Life

Humanitarian Amanda Sowards on Finding Your Purpose in Life
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Meet Laydi.

She is a 7 years old princess who stole my heart while in La Cherreca.

La Chureca is a literal landfill that hundreds of families live in. National Geographic labeled it as one of the 7 most horrendous places on earth; but Laydi, just calls it home.

La Chureca Nicaragua World Missions Outreach
La Chureca, Nicaragua

Recently I was asked why I have chosen to stick it out with the civil unrest crisis and the collapse of Nicaragua’s economy. From the outside, it probably seems illogical that some crazy gringa is choosing to stay even though it depleting our finances and nothing about being here is easy.

For me, I call it purpose and calling.

How to Find Your Purpose in Life | @AmandaRSowards