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How God Shows Us Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Amanda Sowards Gran Pacifica Nicaragua

My entire life I focused on wanting to “be someone”. Today, I spent time reading through our World Missions Outreach student profile letters. Literally every single one of them said that their dream was to “be someone” in life.

Their commentary of future dreams obviously resonates with me. After reflecting on their words I was inspired to share what life has taught me about “being someone” and how that doesn’t always coincide with fame, position, economic state, or title.

In life, I spent all my energy trying to accomplish “being someone” in a way that was never intended for me as I thought it HAD to be . When we spend all our energy focusing on an idea of what we think “being someone” looks like, we can miss the purpose that God has for each of us. God has created us all as “someone”, but His purpose and calling doesn’t fit into one box. Each of our callings will look different.

We all have a “someone” that we admire and have focused our attention on wanting to be like. However, God didn’t call you out to be “like someone else”. He called you out to be YOU.

I spent so much of my time trying to be “like someone” instead of being “the someone” God had already called-out with purpose and intent. When we are so focused on someone else, we stop focusing on God. The world builds walls in our life, not to trap us, but to distract us. For me, It was my pride and wanting to become “a someone” in the worlds eyes. I forgot that the “someone God wanted me to be was far more important.

Amanda Sowards Humanitarian World Missions

If the devil cannot destroy you, he will distract you. I spent far to long being someone who was distracted from my calling, instead of being someone God had extracted to shine His light through, in my calling.

Instead of trying to force a situational position, I’ve learned to first seek God for guidance and wisdom. When we are in alignment with God we will never have to force our way through a door.

Chivalry isn’t dead! God will open the door for us when we are living out our purpose with faith.

Amanda Sowards Humanitarian World Missions

Instead of worrying about how I measure up in a situation, I’ve become more aware of asking what my purpose is in the situation. I no longer look to simply “be someone” just for the satisfaction and approval of others. Instead I choose to look for the purpose God has intended me to “be for someone” in every situation.

Amanda Sowards Humanitarian World Missions

Today, I challenge you to identify some of your major distractions that keep holding you back from who God is calling you out to be. We all have them! Now start building a plan for how you will start shifting your focus to align with the someone God intended you to be!



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