Educational Scholarships with World Missions Outreach

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

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World Missions Outreach - Nicaragua

With the on going crisis and civil unrest in Nicaragua, World Missions Outreach is still continuing its daily operations and school classes. Due to violence in some area's we have had to limit some of our outreach to certain locations to ensure the safety of our staff and our community leaders. 

For the safety of our mission teams, World Missions Outreach has ben forced to postpone all mission trips until the civil unrest has reached a resolution. 

Mission teams are what keep World Missions Outreach's three schools and feeding programs financially able to operate. Without being able to host teams, our funding and support has come to a halt. This resulting in our school, students, teachers, and staff being in jeopardy of having to temporarily close our classrooms till we are able to allocate funding to continue the educational and nutritional efforts of World Missions Outreach. 

This is a decision that none of us want to make or be forced to do. 

Before we have to make this devastating call, we wanted to launch a campaign to prevent us from having to close our doors. 

We are looking for 12 Churches, Groups, Colleges, Companies, Businesses, Youth Groups, Universities, or any individuals who would be interested in contributing  to sponsor scholarships for each grade.