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 Miss NC United States Friday Recap

Day one of Miss NC United States

has officially wrapped!


Friday's recap, highlights, backstage and wardrobe malfunctions can all be found here!

You Can still Purchase Tickets For Saturday!

Location: McGlohon Theater

Time: 6pm

Amanda Sowards Miss NC United States


All checked in and orientation complete!

Throughout my life there is only one thing that has remained constant among the chaos. Through hell and high-water, from heartbreak to finding healing, from receiving grace to showing grace, and from being broken to finding the strength to rebuild.

That is My faith.

Without faith, without grace, without love, without the constant reminder of humility that life slaps me in the face with; I would be nothing. My identity has been carefully handcrafted and manifested from every step I took with in faith.

I wouldn't be here without faith.

Don't ever let anyone tell you what your life narrative is. You hold the ability to move mountains when you step into an identity of faith. You are your own author.

Amanda Sowrds Miss NC Unite States

I may not always get it right. I may not always have the right words to say. I have fallen short many times; but today I'm moving mountains. No narrative from the absence of light shall be written for me. I may be fatherless; but today, I am my own author that has a Heavenly Father who is taking control of the pen and paper to write this story for me.



World Missions Outreach -

Providing a Hand Up, Not Just a Hand Out

Interview is one of my favorite phases of competition. It gives me the opportunity to share with the judges that I am more than a pretty face. It allows me to connect with authenticity and passion that is far deeper than just wanting to win a sparkly crown. It is only 2 minutes; so sharing why the title of Miss NC United States is relevant, important to me, and what I would do with it if given the honor had to be a clear message that I enjoyed sharing! Competition is one day on a stage; but the job of Miss NC United States last a year! That’s 365 days of making every second of it count! Plus, the prestigious panel of judges made the experience even better!

Dress Designer: Calvin Klein
Boutique: Passport Confessional Boutique


and Learn More About Who I am!

Amanda Sowars Miss NC United States

Runway Competition

Runway is always fun! It is your moment to show off your personality by selecting something to wear that represents you! I love this Mac Duggal 2-Piece Jumper! It is classy, edgy and elegant.

Thank you McKenzie Rae Dresses for providing me with the perfect outfit to rock the runway in!

I felt confidently beautiful. I appreciate not only your sponsorship, but your friendship even more!

Amanda Sowars Miss NC United States
Amanda Sowars Miss NC United States

Behind the Scenes

Amanda Sowards World missions Outreach
Amanda Sowards World missions Outreach

What you didn't see from onstage is the layers of safety pins holding my pants up!


Hey, when life happens you can either choose to give up or create a solution!

So, I grabbed some safety pins and made it work.

When I stepped up the last step to walk the runway; one of these bad boys popped and dug itself right into my back. The excitement and Adrenalin rush of being on stage, made the shock of the prick just a fleeting thought! All I remember actually think was...

Don't stop smiling and creating a solid escape plan if I ended up mooning anyone! 

Shout out to Samantha Waarum, who is in Miss SC United States, for helping a girl out! She helped pin me in, and I hooked her up with some earrings after she forgot hers. Team work.

The irony, after I let her borrow mine...

Guess who left their earrings in the room too? Yup, This girl!


Sometimes you just have to stop,

own what you are working with and be willing to laugh at yourself!

Amanda Sowards World missions Outreach
Amanda Sowards World missions Outreach

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