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Time to Give Up the Bottle. Tips to Stop!

Best plastic free beauty products ethique

Are you still using plastic bottles and containers?

Shhh... It's ok! I won't tell!

But, It is time to kiss your plastic bottle habit, bye bye!

Not sure where to start?

I got you earth warriors!

Meet my newest obsession. Ethique! (Which is French for ethical)

The world's first zero waste, full range beauty brand. Plastic-free beauty in a clever little bar. Ethique is New Zealand base company that is organically crafting an exceptionally phenomenal collection of plastic free skin care bars and more! The Kiwi's are making their way to America! Finally!

Ethique's not only putting out a bomb product, but they have also stopped over 500,000+ plastic bottles ending up in landfills! Heck Yea!

Best plastic free beauty products ethique

Needless to say, Ethique is progressively raising the bar of social responsibility for the cosmetic and beauty industry. "Better for you, better for the planet."

So, what should you try? Ethique provides personalized recommendation of what products suit your needs best! Curious? Get your custom recommendations now!

Ethique makes it easy to start making the switch! I absolutely love every bar that I have tried. The body cream, foot polish, shampoo, conditioner, and even the flash laundry bar!

Ethique is on a mission to eradicate the world of 1 million plastic bottles! They have already past halfway there! Impressive! Will you be make the plastic free change and be part part of the solution to helping preserve our mother earth?

I am excited to say, I am! I have joined the #GiveUpTheBottle movement! Comment below and tell us how you are saying no to plastic!

Best plastic free beauty products ethique



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