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Pedicabs and Bike Taxis in New Orleans

Pedicabs and Bike Taxis in New Orleans

I love pedicabs! It's a fun easy way to get somewhere quickly without having to walk or constantly make sure someone in your group didn't see something sparkly and wander off.

Finding a pedicab in French Quarter will not be difficult. You can typically snag one at any given time of the day or night. You will see them everywhere blaring their music, followed by endless laughter from their riders.


About Pedicabs in New Orleans

2 KEY THING You Must do Before You Ride a Pedicab

Pedicabs are a great way to get around quickly, but before you hop on read these two crucial questions that you need to ask before you ride.

  1. Tell your driver where you want to go and ask what they are charging to take you there.

  2. Find out if they only take cash or if they have a square reader.

If you forget to ask these two questions, then your ride might cost you more than you anticipated and a not so free ride to an ATM. Don't let your joy ride turn into a salty topic by not communicating with your driver before you leave.


Pedicabs in New Orleans

What Should You Take a Pedicab for?

Pedicabs are great for trips that aren't to long, but your destination is a little bit further than you care to walk to.

For example - When you are out wearing heels that your boyfriend told you not to wear because there will be lots of walking; but you refused to listen because you really wanted to look "super cute" in all your instagram post. However, half way through the night the looking super cute idea is losing to the fact that your heels are killing your feet; but you don't want to admit that your significant other was right because he will never let you forget about that "one time in New Orleans". So now, instead of admitting your faults you just have to convince him that the novelty of a pedicab is the coolest/most romantic thing ever… and no it is not because your feet hurt. If he hesitates just throw in a, "the breeze will feel great since it is so hot", and just like that your pedicab ride is guaranteed! You're Welcome!

They are also great for longer trips, especially when you don't want to walk 20 minutes. The pedicab will cut it down to 5 minutes, but the longer your trip the more it will cost. Don't forget to ask the price beforehand, so you aren't salty all night over the $40 charge.

I am all for walking and enjoying the scenic view, but after a long day or night of walking in the Louisiana heat the Pedicab doesn't look like such a bad ideas after all!

Pro Tip for Guys - When your girl is all dressed up and wearing heels, don't make her walk a mile. Impress her with your, 'Hey girl, I got us this pedicab', skills! It matters!


Where to Find Pedicabs and Bike Taxis New Orleans | By; Amanda Sowards at Passport Confessional
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Hope these tips and recommendations help you navigate and plan your trip to New Orleans! Come back after your trip and share your experience in the comments below!

Do you have any other bicycling tips from Nola or crazy stories you want to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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