World Missions Outreach Sends Humanitarian Aid for Nicaragua

Updated: May 23, 2019

Humanitarian Aid Delivery to children in Nicaragua

This week we loaded two industrial container of humanitarian aid for World Missions Outreach to send to Nicaragua. These shipments include food, wheelchairs, educational materials, and hygiene products.

Humanitarian Aid Delivery to children in Nicaragua

Today, we received confirmation that we are able to send two more containers with humanitarian supplies for Nicaragua through World Missions Outreach and Feeding the Five-Thousand! This makes 4 containers of humanitarian aid total!

We only thought we were going to have thee ability to send only two! I am continuously humbled by God's favor on World Missions Outreach's ministry!

Humanitarian Aid Delivery to children in Nicaragua

This has given us two more weeks to receive donations to send!

All donations are tax deductible. Below is a list of items we need. For donation pick up, shipping or more info, please email

Humanitarian Aid Delivery to children in Nicaragua

Specifically looking for (but not excluding other items)

BIGGEST NEEDS -Large passenger van or bus for teams and food deliveries -A reliable 4-wheel drive truck or SUV for daily oppositions

-Materials or Monetary donation for supplies for a new roof for our eco rooms that have been damaged from the rainy season

SCHOOL -keyboard piano -musical instruments of any kind -carpet -white boards -laser jet printer -laptops -iPads -smart phones -white board markers -school desk -paint -electric fans -building materials -clothing -shoes -English and Spanish books

-school supplies


-containers with lids


-sewing Materials

-chairs for Chapel

-curtains for the auditorium and chapel

COMMUNITY: -toys -bowls -spoons -hygiene products -feminine products -diapers -building materials -wheelchairs -baby items -car seat

-towels and Wash cloths

MISSION HOUSE NEEDS -bathroom fixtures

-shower curtains, rings, and rods

-bathroom shelf organizer of drawers -shower heads -nightstand tables or shelves -outdoor furniture -couches and chairs -paint -generator -refrigerator -stove and oven -blankets and sheets

-pillows and bedding -outdoor picnic tables or chairs -anything you have noticed we needed while there!

-outside grill for school and team meals

All donations are tax deductible. For More info on World Missions Outreach or For donation pick up, shipping + info, please email :

World Missions Outreach in Nicaragua

Thank you to everyone who has already donated and continuously supports WMO +Feed 5000 the people of Nicaragua!

One person may not be able to change the world, but together we certainly can!


World Missions Outreach Community Program

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