Why WMO Needs Saving

Updated: May 23, 2019

About World Missions Outreach

World Missions Outreach is an organization that my family started 30 years ago. WMOC is a 501c3 non-profit that is 100% volunteer base. No one takes a salary, ensuring that the entirety of every donation goes to its intended purpose!

Mission Statement

World Missions Outreach’s heart and soul mission is to change the face of humanity through equipping the now generation with the tools, education, nutrition, and resources to meet their spiritual and physical needs while becoming self-sustainable catalyst for all future generations.

World Missions Outreach focuses on providing a hand up, not just a handout; spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our mission is to end the generational cycle of poverty through education and nutrition. We provide trade skill classes to equip students with the tools to bring food to the table and a career for their future while sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


World Missions Outreach Mission Trips Nicaragua
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What else does WMOC do?

-Provide 15,000 Children a Daily Meal -Provide 5.4 Million Meals a Year -Founded & Operate 3 Schools -Founded & Partner with 60 Churches

-60 Community Outreach Meal Programs

-Host & Accommodate Mission Teams

-Link Children with Dedicated Sponsors -Community Outreach Ministry -Medical and Dental Clinics

-Trade-skill & Self-sustainability Education

-English & Technology Education Curriculum -Agriculture Education & Crop Production -Provide Education Scholarships for College Students

-Pastoral Community Coalition Ministry


Save WMO

World Missions Outreach is a small family started organization that is now doing huge things!

Co-Founder Larry Wright, passed away last October. Due to his very unexpected passing, World Missions Outreach was rocked emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

We are facing extreme adversities while trying to allocate the funding to keep World Missions Outreach's doors open. Over the past year, WMOC has struggled to keep up with the financial demands that it takes to operate the ministry. We have been faced with almost having to close our door's several times, but somehow God has always made a way to keep things operating!

However, here we are again (get behind me Satan). We are in a crisis state that will require us to shut down all operations until we can raise the money to continue. We can not imagine having to shut down World Missions Outreach. I personally, do not want to fail my grandfathers legacy of creating an organization that has changed so many lives. Nor, do I want to have to tell our students that we can't provide them the future they have been dreaming of.

What Caused the financial crisis?

This year Nicaragua was hit hard with major civil unrest. Due to the civil unrest and the danger surrounding it we have not been able to host any missions teams. Mission Teams are how we fund much of the ministry operations. With no mission teams, we literally have almost no funding coming in to continue. At a time that Nicaragua needs our help the most, we are facing not being able to help at all.

My family has sold our own personal belonging to cover the expenses during this year. We have sold our own cars, boat, properties, warehouse equipment, building supplies and tools, clothes, and much more to ensure that WMOC could stay open. Each month we have gone through everything we can find to sell so that this ministry can stay alive. We are at a point where there is not much left to give off our own backs to continue.

I am going to be very direct. Unless we are able to raise a minimum of 20K by December. World Missions Outreach will not be able to reopen our doors for 2019...