What is Joah?

Updated: May 23, 2019

Joah Beauty Collection Review
Joah Beauty Collection Vox Box Review

JOAH is a new Korean Beauty line that has just launched exclusively with CVS.

Joah is Korean for “I LIKE IT”. The brand focuses on celebrating life, fearlessly, flaunting your femininity & being apologetically girly. I don't just "Like it", I Love it! Joah emphasizes that beauty confidence comes from within, but realizes that makeup helps, too. I love embracing my girly side and I couldn't agree more! It is important to love your own skin, but as someone who suffers from thee insecurity of acne scars, I equally understand how beauty products can give you that little extra confidence boost!

What is K-Beauty Joah Cosmetics
Joah Beauty Collection inspired by K-Beauty

K-Beauty is a trend for beauty products that is rooted in Korean culture. K-Beauty's philosophy is that respect for skin comes first and what you put on your face really counts. Joah has brought the ideals of K-Beauty (at an affordable cost) though healthy ingredients, ground-breaking formulations, superior quality, exceptional performance and cruelty free practices! And YES, They have really launched a superior product!