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Uber, Taxis, or Walking - New Orleans

Updated: May 27, 2019

Pedicabs and Bike Taxis in New Orleans

Uber or Taxi?

The answer always depends on which city I am in. Typically, Uber is a go to for me. My only reservation for Uber in New Orleans is the accessibility.



If you are taking Uber to or from a residential area or an easy to get to the location, request Uber.

If you are leaving or going somewhere that is packed with crowded streets and backed up traffic like Bourbon Street or French Quarter, then It is going to be very difficult for you and your Uber to find one another. You will be waiting forever for your driver to be able to get close to where you are.

Also, you will probably have to go to a designated pick up area that may require extra walking or getting lost. While in proximity of a lot of people and city buildings, service in New Orleans can get bogged down and your GPS maps may not be accurate, thus causing your Uber maps to be inaccurate and your Uber driver charging you without picking you up.

Tip - As always, before you get into your Uber make sure you check and see that the license plate, car model, and ask your driver's name to make sure that they all match before getting in any strangers vehicle. Being in a hurry is never worth risking your life for. Be smart, be safe!



Taxis are lined up everywhere throughout French Quarter, Downtown and the popular going out areas. If you are already out, your quickest bet is to grab a Taxi and get out or deeper into the chaos.

Tip - Just make sure your taxi driver's meter is on unless you are negotiating an even flat rate. When it comes to airports, my experience is that Taxi drivers typically like to negotiate a flat rate and only turn on their meter as they pull up to the terminal.

FYI - In most states it is actually illegal for them to pick up a rider without having their meter on. However, in some cases this scenario can work in your favor.


Amanda Sowards Guide to New Orleans


New Orleans is gorgeous and there is a ton to see and do.

You can download free walking tours on your phone! And you know you have to get Beignets from Cafe du Monde!

As you probably know, New Orleans does have a high crime rate in some areas. If you ask around or talk to the locals, they will tell you that walking is fine to do as long as you are smart. So be smart!

Common sense tells you, don't ever go walking by yourself, don't go walking down dark alley ways, don't wonder off to chase something sparkly or to try and catch the shirtless man, and don't go towards anything that sounds like chain saws.

Material things aren't worth your life. Don't take chances. Have a plan. Have a meet up place in case someone get's lost.

So, get you a buddy system and start walking off those Beignet calories All easy stuff, you got this!


Uber vs Taxi in New Orleans | Which one should you get?
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Hope these tips and recommendations help you navigate and plan your trip to New Orleans! Come back after your trip and share your experience in the comments below!

Do you have any other tips from Nola or crazy stories you want to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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