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The Face of Humanity in a World full of Adversity

Updated: May 23, 2019

Face of Humanity Devotional by Amanda Sowards

As I walked into a one room structure, accompanied by no door, covered by a tin roof and accented with dirt floors; the only word I could think of was humanity.

Humanity, in its most basic form means: being human & possessing the state of kindness. Kindness, Simple concept, right? Yet, many times kindness gets shoved out the door when the road gets to hard, it's not affecting us or when egos, selfishness & other trivial issues arise. Something so simple can become something so foreign in a matter of seconds.

What continues to drive my love and passion for World Missions Outreach & Feeding the Five-Thousand is the simple realization that none of the 'trivial hang ups' really matter when you step into a room filled with hundreds of children who walked miles to find the one room, tin roof, dirt floor structure in efforts to fill their tummy with food. Something so simple, so basic is what keeps driving me to dig deeper into what unconditional humanity really looks like.

Imagine if the only way for you to find something to stop the hunger pains in your stomach was to walk miles to a dirt floor make shift kitchen.

These kids have every reason to lack kindness, yet they run in with huge smiles on their faces, ready to embrace you with the biggest hug you have ever had! They want nothing more than to spend time with you and love on you!

Kindness, so simple, yet, these kids show us up, big time.

Today, I challenge you to really examine yourself. What is the root that is driving you to act out of anything but kindness? Is it circumstances, relationships, insecurities or stress? Whatever it is, focus on mentally and physically finding a solution to prevent yourself from lacking kindness.

Stop making excuses. Be the example. Be the bigger person. Let the genuine act of kindness guide your heart and I guarantee your relational circumstances will change.


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