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Simple as a Bowl

Updated: May 23, 2019

Amanda Sowards Humanitarian of the Year in Nicaragua

We provide empty hands with new bowls at every World Missions Outreach program we serve at through @feedingthe5000. The worst case scenario happened this week at one of our programs, we ran out of bowls. One of the little boys that came to eat did not have a bowl. Everyone's heart sank and the 'this can't be happening' looks were found on everyone's face. Of course we couldn't let this child go without eating! With limited resources and quick thinking; I pulled out my water bottle, cut the top off and used it as a temporary bowl. Something as simple as a bowl is often taken for granted. For some people a bowl is considered a luxury item. Can you imagine what it would be like to not even have a bowl to eat out of? The little boy wasn't even upset that we didn't have a bowl, he was just happy to have food to eat in front of him. Plastic bags, plant leafs, lids and other make shift items are the only things that some kids have to receive the only meal they get each day. #Feed5000 would like to collect 5,000 bowls by the end of May! If you are interested in hosting a bowl drive or want to make a bowl donation, email me at or go to the Feed 5000 page in the navigation bar WMOC.ORG We even have a kids dollar store on our website so you can purchase bowls online instantly right now. What easier way is there to make a difference! One bowl can make a difference!


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