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Meet Misael

Updated: May 23, 2019

Amanda Sowards Humanitarian of the Year in Nicaragua

There is nothing more humbling than kneeling in the dirt to wash someone else's feet so that they can have a pair of shoes. Today I washed feet & gave shoes to some of those who had none. This is my buddy, Misael. He is in the 2nd grade & 7 years old. He was born without a left eye. The Drs told his mom that his eye never developed before he was born more than likely because the domestic abuse she experienced while pregnant. August 2nd, Misael has an appointment to see what his options are for a prosthetic eye. His surgery will be free, but the family will have to pay for the prosthetic. I have posted many times about Misael, but I have never been able to share his story. Now that I know more about Misael story I will be sharing updates along the way. After his appointment and we find out the specifics of what Misael needs for his surgery, I hope that you will consider being a part of changing his life! If we unite as one through the love of humanity we can make a lasting difference that will change the life of today's generation and generations to come.


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