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i(am) Collection

Updated: May 23, 2019

We live in a world that labels each of us without our consent or permission. Since when did society get to have that much control over who we are? It is time to stop being labeled with words that are not what God has already proclaimed you as! I am who HE says I am!

(re)Defining my identity with God's words of life and truth is something I have personally been working through. It does not matter what adversities life throws your way when your identity is rooted steadfast in faith and understanding of who God has already proclaimed your identity's labels before you were even born.

Are you ready to #reDefiningIdentity?


You can learn more about my story and inspiration for the i(am) Collection Here!


But first- Meet

Meet our new "i(am) Collection". This collection is all about who God say's YOU are. It is time to rip the labels of the world off, and rewrite them with the promises and truth God has declared over you and for you. 

Check out all the different labels that GOD gives you here!

Look great while making a difference. Each item in our i(am) Collection gives back in a unique way to World Missions Outreach students in Nicaragua by providing 60 meals for every item purchased! 

World Mission Outreach and Feeding the 5000 focus on providing a hand up, not just a hand out. Our mission is to end the generational cycle of poverty through by providing tools, resources and opportunity through education. We provide trade skill classes to equip students with the tools to help themselves to bring food to the table and a career for their future. World Missions Outreach provides 15,000 meals a year and 5.4 million meals a year.

Check out WMOC.ORG for more info or to plan your next missions trip!


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