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I accepted the #ChangeLivesChallenge

Updated: May 22, 2019

Name: Amanda Sowards

Career: Missions Director | Humanitarian

My entire life I dreamed of becoming a news anchor or entertainment reporter. After college, I was fortunate enough to accomplish that dream, long enough to realize that this was a dream that I no longer wanted.

I spent years as a Morning show personality at Radio Disney and Clear Channel Media & Entertainment. Transparently, I stayed in this career path because it sounded cool on paper and people acted like it made me “cooler” than I probably really am. My ego and pride kept my quality of life hostage because the idea of just being, “me” without a cool sounding title was something I wasn’t willing to accept.

Mission trips to Nicaragua

It took a lot arguing with God and learning to be real with myself before I was ready to finally let my pride go.

I took a leap of faith, cried some tears, found humbleness, and decided that being a no one in the eyes of the world didn’t matter if I could be a someone in the eye’s of God.

That decision has changed my life forever! I found my worth and purpose in following what I felt like God was calling me to be. Knowing I am living out a life of purpose is more than a cool sounding job, that only left me feeling empty inside, could ever bring.

This is why I am accepting the #ChangeLivesChallenge. I want a World Missions Outreach Student to have the chance to follow the path that God is calling them to serve out their life purpose for.

I am challenging everyone who reads this to also accept the #ChangeLivesChallenge to #SaveWMO in #Nicaragua

What is the challenge? A way to help us save our ministry World Missions Outreach from having to close its doors In 2019 and a chance for you to WIN A FREE MISSION TRIP to Nicaragua!

What are you waiting for! Help us #savewmo and join in the fun by accepting the challenge!

—Dig the shirt?

All proceeds go to #savewmo

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