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Dressed with Love - You are Worth the Very Best

Updated: May 23, 2019

Dressed in Love Devotional by Amanda Sowards

I often get comments like, 'wow, you sure do dress up on mission trips'.

Now, Go ahead, I'm sure you have thought the same thing!

Here is the practical... 1. This is how I am all the time, no matter where I am 😝 2. I'm the face of the organization. 3. I like it. That's enough in itself. 💁🏼

Now for the real talks & most importantly... Let me tell you about a decision I made a long time ago. I was twelve when I went to my first feeding program in Nicaragua. My whole world was turned upside down. I was overwhelmed, confused, heartbroken, felt guilty for all that I had, wanted to empty out everything from my bag and give it all away.... Which I did... And I also threw in a, 'Here take my shoes too!' I was living in my pre-teen bubble & had no idea that this type of poverty existed. To me, it was just an infomercial that didn't affect me and probably

wasn't real anyways. Little did I know. 🙄

As I stood there, completely in disbelief that this was real, one thing immediately stood out to me. These children were living on dirt floors, covered in dust, no shoes, no running water to shower, no electricity, no mirrors, a metal shack house, no anything really -- yet they came in their very best!

As you can see in the photo, this little girl's mom put on her very best dress to come to a place of worship where she would greet us. The people of Nicaragua are so proud to show off their very best. Their dresses are hand me downs, tattered and dirty; but I have never seen any dresses that can compare when worn by these children. See, it isn't about really wearing your very best dress; it is about the motivation behind the action.

These children and families want to make strides of change in their lives. God tells us in his word about how important it is for us to give Him our very best if we expect to receive blessings. These kids are showing up with the attitude of, 'Lord, I'm giving you the best that I got!' It may not look like much to you and I, but God see's the heart behind the actions. He recognized that this is their very best!

God gave us His son, Jesus, who was a martyr for our sins. He gave us his very best, isn't he worthy of your best?

Ever since that day in December of 2000, I always promised to bring my very best to God as I serve. If these kids can manage to get a hold of a tattered hand me down dress to show up looking their best, I certainly can show up with the same respect!

I want them to know that I thought about them in my preparation of getting ready. I took time to show respect and reverence with my appearance in their church. Their place of worship! They are worth not rolling out of bed to leave in a rush. They are worth not hitting the snooze button 10 times. They are worth taking the time, putting the effort in and showing up prepared to mentor them physically mentally and spiritually.

Their worth is everything to me & even more so to God. Hence, their faithfulness, has been rewards by Gods work though World Missions Outreach & Feeding the Five-Thousand. Now, none of these children ever have to go to bed hungry again.

You are worth the very best! Don't sell yourself short from realizing how important you are to God. He has given everything for you! What's holding you back from giving your all to him!

Check out WMOC.ORG for more info on how you can get involved in the revolution!


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