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Cristina's Story

Updated: May 23, 2019

Amanda Sowards Humanitarian of the Year

Do you remember Cristina?

I first met this sweet little girl at a World Missions Outreach Feeding program she was wrapped around her mothers side, sobbing quietly. All the other children were playing & singing, but not Cristina.

As each team member took turns speaking to the children, I couldn't take my eyes off of this little girl who's spirit seemed to be completely broken. I was compelled to know her story! I was so caught up in sensing her pain that I missed my cue when they called me up to speak.

I soon found out that the day before she has been hit in the head with a baseball bat.

It was an accident.

She proceeded to tell me that she was ashamed, felt embarrassed, & even felt like she would never be able to feel beautiful, accepted or wanted.

This devastated me.

I proceed to speak to tell her that she would always be loved, wanted and accepted by our Heavenly Father. That she & I shared the same DNA with in Christ. That her friends, family & people in her life will love her no matter what, but even if she feels like she is unwanted that our God, our Father, our healer, our protector and provider will always have his hand opened and arms wrapped around her. She didn't need anyone else's validation of acceptance to feel beautiful or loved in Christ.

I know that our fleshly hurt & insecurities are real & painful.

They should never own us, but it's ok to admit when they are affecting us.

I gave her my brand new Ray Bands & told her whenever she was feeling uncomfortable that she could put them on. Her eye was so infected that she was at risk of losing her vision. I returned the next day with all the medication she needed.

God is our healer and provider. He brought us together for that reason!

I got to see Cristina again during my last trip. She was smiling & her eyes were twinkling with pure happiness. The little girl I first met was long gone! The new Cristina standing in front of me was completely restored physically, mentally and spiritually.

Such a beautiful thing to see the difference that a single act of humanity & sharing Gods love can do to completely restore someone. God is with us & he will never forsake us. He is our Rock.

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