2018 - A Dark Year

Updated: May 23, 2019

Amanda Sowards Humanitarian of the year

Life is crazy. People are crazy. We are all a little crazy... However, I never imagined that my life would ever have the level of crazy 2018 brought with it...


Amanda Sowards Humanitarian of the year

It is no secret, 2018 has been the darkest year of my life. To start, right before the new year my grandfather (and only father figure I have ever known) unexpectedly passed away. Three days after his passing my ex fiancee left me at the airport after calling off our wedding that was less than two months away. Then, I sat in a chair while being held down and tortured for three hours during a botched oral surgery. Which then sent my body into shock causing my organs to almost shut down; all to wake up in a third world hospital emergency room (I still have scars on my face from malpractice). Next, I Developed a thyroid condition that challenged my vary existence while fighting to stay above 100lbs (i'm 5'6). Immediately after, the civil unrest crisis in Nicaragua exploded. Children were plowed over and burned alive, which left the world screaming #SOSNicaragua. And my personal favorite, being labeled a terrorist in Nicaragua for speaking up for what is right and calling for the immediate stop of genocide, this preventing me from returning to Nicaragua, and almost having to shut down World Missions Outreach because of the ongoing civil crisis.

Amanda Sowards

I battled crippling anxiety and lost any interest of doing the things I once loved. I think anyone who knows me or is still reading this can imagine the level of darkness and hell that 2018 brought for me and many others.

Through the darkness, I have remained focused on healing, putting the pieces back together, regaining my confidence and sanity, working on becoming a better me, launching my boutique's own platform, creating World Missions Outreach and Feed the 5000 Merch line, launched the i(am)Collection, created the Feed 5000 Jewelry line, reignited my passion and purpose for living, became a Climate Reality leader, was named The Global Beauty Awards "Best Non-profit of the Year", Art & Beauty Magazine's "Humanitarian of the Year", Spectrum Networks "Everyday Hero", and awarded the title of Ms Eco International and most importantly we Saved WMO!



This bringing me to my "One Word" for 2019 LIGHT